Another week has flown by in Birch class! This week we have:

  • Helped the Doctor as part of a BBC live science lesson this afternoon! We had to help the Doctor reflect light around the sun, create a human model of the solar system and decide whether an alien planet blocking the sun was transparent, translucent or opaque! We even had our school name flash up on the screen!
  • Completed our Cracking Contraptions writing (on display outside of the classroom now!)
  • Started a new literacy unit using the text – ‘Anatomy’ by Helen Druvert – it’s a beautiful book with lots of great information in it.
  • We concluded our 3 week unit on Multiplicative Reasoning with long multiplication – Geometric Reasoning next week!
  • Started designing our Canopic jars in Art and writing using Hieroglyphs. Hopefully the children have told you they need an empty cylinder of some kind (jar, Pringles tube, B&J’s ice cream tub – other brands are available…) so that we can start making our Canopic jars next week.
  • In PE we worked on creating a pyramid building dance set to the beat of Egyptian music.

Maths Homework

A hard copy should have gone home with your child today, but you can find a digital copy here if it has been lost. Due in on Wednesday morning.

Year 5
Year 6

Literacy Homework

Write an adventure for the Doctor!
The Doctor has just landed in Chagford Square – but something isn’t right; children are disappearing and there is a strange smell coming from the Pepperpot at night….
Will the Doctor solve the mystery and save the children? Write this episode of Doctor Who!


Common words: relevant / identity / neighbour

Year 5 – silent / silence / present / presence / violent / violence / innocent / innocence

Year 6 – different / difference / excellent / excellence / convenient / convenience / obedient / obedience

Have a great weekend – Mr B