This week we have been exploring the celebration of Chinese New Year. It all began with the arrival of our Chinese Dragon which we paraded around the school; in and out of classrooms and greeting everyone with Gung Hay Fat Choy; wishing them good fortune and happiness! We then returned to the classroom and made lucky red envelopes and practiced our Chinese script.







During the week we tasted foods from China including pancake rolls, noodles with a spicy sauce and prawn crackers; our favourite was the noodles without the spicy sauce!!







With Valentine’s Day happening in the holidays we decided to make a card for either a friend at school or a member of our family – this may explain why your child has come home with a card made by someone else – and I believe one class member received 3 cards! It was a good chance for us to practice our writing and write a message to our special person.

On Friday we filled our lucky red envelopes with lucky jelly beans to take home and share with our family – at least that’s what the children told us they were going to do!





We also had a maths challenge today where the children challenged each other to do the most star jumps or hops on one leg with the prize (for everyone who took part) of a jellybean. I must get more jelly beans in class they work a treat!!







So we hope you all have a great half term and we’ll see you on Monday 19th.

Happy Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day and New Year – in China!

Sara and the FSU Team