This week we started looking at the Jack and the Beanstalk text. During the week we looked at different versions of the story which was great for sparking the children’s discussion skills. Towards the end of the week we made our own beanstalk using a variety of media; the children worked together and helped each other to create an amazing piece of work.








We experimented with making our own slime using a strange mixture of ingredients such as pva glue, baking powder and saline solution! Some of the mixtures worked and were lovely and slimey and others didn’t, resulting in a disgusting mess – which was way more fun to play with than the proper slime apparantly!!








During our music session we made our own instruments using old tubes and tubs filled with rice and dried peas. Once we had made and decorated our instruments we used them to recreate a beautiful sound (not unlike fingernails down a blackboard!) We then practiced playing loudly and quietly, slow and fast and despite it being quite noisy the children loved it!?!








We finished the week with some racing against the clock activities. In our maths sessions we have been looking at Time; clocks, sandtimers and stopwatches. We then used the stopwatches to time each other run across the playground, partly to explore time but mostly to keep warm!










See you next week.

Sara and the FSU Team