So we began the week with another snow day and it would seem that more fun and games were had by all!

Then back to reality on Tuesday!

In PE we practised our balance and coordination skills; using our body to make different letter shapes and move like different animals.

On Wednesday we wrote a recipe for soup; choosing which different vegetables we would like to add. Then a small group of the children went out to the greengrocers to buy the ingredients we needed to make the soup! When they returned we checked they had bought the right veg and the correct amount of each. On Thursday we then began preparing the vegetables for the soup which we then cooked in the afternoon. Finally we tasted the soup – well not everybody was overly keen to taste it! Most said it tasted really good while one said it looked and tasted like sick! Needless to say I was a little put off tasting it after that!







Chantel also came in to show us some tiny frogs and newts; she talked to the children about where both frogs and newts live and what they eat. They then used the microscopes to examine them in more detail.













To finish the week we created our own soup recipe; choosing the vegetables they preferred and adding them to the pot – with a bit of writing for good measure!







Next week is the last week of term before our final term of this Reception year!!

Have a fun weekend

Sara and the team