This week we have spent a lot of our time and activities focused on working together, listening to each other and playing concentration games!

In PE we practiced our throwing and catching skills with a partner and a small ball then we played a game of musical spots where we had to share a small spot on the floor with a friend – this game displayed a lot of very good negotiation skills!

In our PSED sessions we played games such as Pass the Squeeze and Pass the Smile; we played a game of I Went To The Shops… and we played a quick fire game of swap places with a partner! We also spent time talking about each other and what makes us similar and what makes us different, the children then said something nice about the person sitting next to them and they were very complimentary about each other I can tell you.

We have also made self-portraits using pastels and a mirror to see the finer detail in our faces; again the results were pretty awesome!







There are some new sounds in your child’s Sounds Book to practice over the weekend and for those who have read their first  books a new one has been issued too.

For those of you who missed the Phonics Session earlier this term, I have put the link for a useful website to help you with the pronunciation of sounds to make sure you’re getting it right!!

Keep up the great work guys!

Sara and the FSU Team