This week we have been looking at different types of weaving and different materials we can weave with. We began weaving with felt; the children chose two different coloured felts to weave together to create a heart shape. Later in the week the children wrote a note to a friend saying why they were special to them!








We also made dreamcatchers using a different weaving technique. A few of the children who were adamant they couldn’t do it were amazed and impressed with themselves when they actually succeeded in weaving!  We then wove feathers and beads into the dreamcatchers. This activity inspired a lovely conversation about the good dreams some of the children have had and demonstrated persistence and determination.







Chantel came in during the week to do some planting with the children which will lead beautifully into next week’s fairy tale focus; Jack and the beanstalk. We will be watching the seeds grow and tracking their progress with Chantel over the next couple of weeks and into the new term.







In our maths sessions we have been exploring capacity; looking at measurements of liquid and discussing full and empty and all the levels in between! This may explain the damp jumpers and trousers this week but they had fun experimenting! We also played a fast and furious game of number identification against the clock!












Have a great weekend

Sara and the FSU Team