And so it keeps coming…! Plastic, plastic everywhere!

This week we have been designing our outfits for our Assembly. The children have been deciding what variety of plastic they would like to use to make their outfit; including crisp paskets, black plastic packaging, bubble wrap and empty bread packets. This assembly will literally be a load of old rubbish!


Some of the plastic we have received from you has been re-modeled into a whole new form of rubbish such as a tank, buildings and timers and may very well be coming back at ya!









In our maths sessions we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes; firstly we looked at the flat 2D shapes and talked about their properties we than moved on  to solid 3D shapes and discussed their properties. We finished the week playing a Guess The Missing Shape game; hiding a group of shapes under a cloth then taking one away. It was an excellent game not only for shape recognition but also for concentration and recall.








On Friday we had everyone’s time of the week; Show And Tell!                               This week the children were under strict instructions to only bring in something relating to our Sealife topic; generally they were and for the ones that weren’t they had to come up with an elaborate story to connect their object with the sea! Show And Tell was so much more interesting!







Dates for your diary: Big Robins Assembly – 24th May pm

Have a great weekend

Sara and the FSU team