This week in the FSU we have been working really hard on our ‘listening to each other’ skills! We have been playing lots of listening games as a whole class and also in smaller groups; such as Dragons Keys and I Went To The Shops…







We have also been working on our ‘helping each other’ skills and working together to keep the classroom really tidy – its amazing how fast the classroom gets tidied if there are team points on offer!

As part of our Harvest celebration Elva joined us on Wednesday morning and made bread (not everyone made a piece), the children were very keen to knead and pat the dough and the finished results were very interesting!

We have also been practising writing our names and next week we will make new name cards for our mats as the old ones are looking a bit shabby!

Our stars this week were George H and Kit for excellent work in phonics; both showing determination when learning a new sound.

Next week we will be in church – Monday at 2pm – to join in with the whole school Harvest Service.

We have now completed our initial assessment of reading skills and each child will be given a book to share with you at home – instructions included!

Please continue with letters and sounds practice in your child’s Big Green Sounds Book.

Have a great weekend

Sara and the FSU Team