This week has been dedicated mostly to sport of one kind or another!

At the beginning the week we practised our techniques and stamina in preparation for sports day – high jump, egg and sppon, sack race … Don’t forget Sports Day is next Tuesday at the cricket ground. Please remember hats and sun cream and a big drink; it is meant to be very hot and we will be there all day!







In the middle of the week we had cricket with Andy; practicing our throwing and catching skills and then we had an actual game of cricket – occasionally they hit the ball too!








Then to finish the week we watched the high jump finals; it was extremely hot so we only watched for a short while but it was very exciting and there were some excellent Fosbury Flops on display (other techniques were also used but as yet they don’t have an official name!)





Oh and I nearly forgot about the giant moths that Chantel brought in to torment me with this week – thank you sooooo much!!I







So, reminders; please  log in to your gateway account and give permission for our trip on the 6th July and also please check the website for details of sports day and other upcoming events.

Stay cool this weekend and see you on Monday.

Sara and the team.