This week our focus has been fruit and we have enjoyed a variety of activities using the different fruits in the Handa’s Surprise text.

We tasted lots of fruits – some which the children hadn’t tasted before – such as mango, pineapple and apricot. Some thought they were all delicious others were not so keen! But I am pleased to say that every child tried something they hadn’t tried before and discovered they actually quite liked it!








In PE we practiced balancing skills and how to move along the bench without using our feet.








In phonics we used our skills to write the letters in the alphabet ensuring we got the formations correct. We also used our writing skills to write words to describe the fruits.








Tina took small groups into forest school to make some bark rubbings.








We painted and drew still life pictures of the fruits we had been tasting and we explored how to mix the primary colours – blue, yellow and red – to make green orange and purple in order to paint the various fruits.







In maths we used blocks to weigh different animals that also feature in Handa’s Surprise and attempted to make the scales balance.







All in all another busy week in the FSU!

So Big Robins; have a restful weekend, recharge your batteries and prepare yourselves for another equally busy week next week!

Sara and the Team