So my request for your old plastic worked – we have enough to sink a battleship (scrap that; we trying to keep plastic out of the sea!) Thankyou and keep it coming! I would particularly like old crisps and sweet packets now please and any old carrier bags you have please – I have an idea!!

W e started the week watching a film about bottlenose dolphins, I then asked the class questions about what they had learned such as where dolphins live, what they eat and how they breath; from which we then created a fact sheet. We also talked about dolphins staying together and working as a team which we then related to our classroom again creating a list of our Pod rules – like a pod of dolphins works together.

In maths we have been exploring measuring. Firstly we measured our selves and plotted our heights on a height chart; we talked about being taller or shorter than someone else and who was the tallest and the shortest. We also measured the distance a car would travel down and tube and along the floor; guessing which car would travel the furthest or the shortest distance.We







In phonics we have been practising our word recognition through the medium of Bingo – it is proving very popular and becoming quite competitive and tense!







Enjoy the bank holiday and happy duck racing!

Sara and the team