This week Telulla arrived at our classroom! Apparently she has come from the Caribbean and took a wrong turn from Penzance and ended up in Chagford: I know, how did that happen?! Telulla will be spending a night at everyone’s house but this may take some time as there are 23 children in the class so please be patient!







We have been using different materials to make boats then testing them to see whether they float or sink. We then discussed the different properties of the materials and why they make floors or sink.





Chantel brought in my least favourite creature on the planet; moths! Which she then proceeded to release from their box and allow them to fly around the classroom – I moved out the door faster than a really speedy thing!





We have been practising our coding and programming skills with the Beebots and making them move towards a target without hitting it!







Today the children practised their handwriting skills and wrote some really heartfelt messages in their fathers day card’s! You’re welcome!








The letter regarding our trip to Appledore in July has been sent to you, please give your consent and also let FSU staff know if you would like to come!

Have a great weekend

Sara and the Team