This week we began looking at the Handa’s Surprise text. Firstly we talked about where the story was set and then found Africa on the globe. This sparked off lots of lovely discussions about the differences between there and where we live. We also looked at a short video about Africa and in particular Kenya which showed lots of indigenous animals which we also compared to the animals which are running wild in our country!

We have also continued practicing our new di-graphs and learning how to write them in our Sounds Books and we have also been reading our Reading books.







In our maths sessions we have been matching numbers with quantity and exploring weights and measures.













To finish the week we had some throwing and catching practice and I would like to report that there has been a 100% improvement in everyone’s skills!!







We also managed to squeeze in some fine motor skills practice, a bit of Role play and a group of children had a lovely time sharing books together. 














Next week we will fruit tasting – the different fruits in the  Handa’s Surprise story and looking at how fruit and vegetables can help us to keep healthy.

See you Monday

Sara and the Team