I think it’s safe to say that on Thursday Christmas had certainly arrived in the FSU! We put up the Christmas tree and hung decorations, we listened to stories around the ‘fire place’ and found costumes to dress up in. We also started out advent stockings on Friday with a treat for different children each day for the rest of this term!







Rehearsals for our Christmas nativity are going….well?? It will be awesome but please don’t expect perfection; enthusiasm but not perfection!! Don’t forget the performance is on Thursday 14th December at 10 am and if you can’t make then we will be having another performance later the same day.

In amongst all the craziness of Christmas we still managed to do some learning!  In maths we have been looking at pattern making and used 2Dshapes to make owls and symmetrical patterns.







In literacy we have been practicing our reading, writing owl stories and finding missing letters in words.







And our final owl activities week was watercolour owl painting, the children have really enjoyed the activities this week and worked very hard to ensure they took part in every single one – go Big Robins!!





So, we’ll see you on Monday to have more Christmas fun and laughter!

Sara and the FSU team.