So here it is already; our final full term in Reception! This year is flying by but we have certainly crammed a lot in!

We started the week with a discussion about what we like to find out or learn about in relation to the Sea and Sealife. As a class we talked about specific creatures we’d like to explore and also the very current topic of the effect of plastic on sealife. With that in mind, we then decided we would like to stop so much plastic entering the sea and turn our old plastic into something new and so the end of term fashion show idea was born! Your children should have a letter explaining how you can help us with this project.





In other news… we have been practicing our IT skills; using the Clevertouch board to created our own sea creatures.







We then wrote a short piece about our creature, telling us what they like to eat and where they like to hide!





In our creative area we made our own Rainbow fish…





Chantel came in to see us and we all planted a sunflower seed which we must look after and nurture in a competition to see whose grows the tallest!







Finally we have been practising our number recognition up to 100 and we finished the week with a game of Bingo!







Have a lovely weekend

Sara and the team