Apologies for late posting of this blog but I was so shocked at how well the children settled back into school I had to have a day or 2 of rest to get over it! Coming back to school after such an exciting holiday can be quite tricky for the younger children but they were all awesome and full of stories about their favourite presents and all the chocolate they had eaten!

During our first week we drew pictures and wrote about our favourite presents; from a dancing robot to a sleeping mask. But my absolute favourite story was told by one of our boys who made up a very elaborate tale of how he got “a new house for christmas; it was an underground house in fact it was a mole house, it had windows but it was dark down there and if you want you can come and visit ask my mum and dad!” Later the same day he then went on to tell us he didn’t really get a mole house he just couldn’t spell rake (which is what he actually got)!!!!!!! I will dine out on this story for quite some time, thanks JT!











It was quite a short first week but we managed to fit a lot in, from role play and building to drawing and maths.













This term we are looking at fairy tales and stories from other countries. We are starting with Handa’s Surprise which is a lovely story from Africa which will inspire lots of thoughtful discussion and new learning opportunities.

Please keep an eye on the website for any dates or upcoming events.

Sara and the Team