This week our focus has been on X360. X360 is a planet that Miss Miller discovered. She showed us a picture of X360 and we had to find out what things were like there. To start us off, she told us that its gravity was three times as strong as gravity on Earth. We thought that in the day it would be warm and at night it would be extremely cold.

The next day Miss Miller showed us an animal that lived on X360. It looked like a komodo dragon but it had six legs and horns. This animal was so cool – it used reflective scales to keep it cool during the day and retain the heat for the cold night. I really enjoyed learning about X360 and learning about the amazing animal that lives on it.



On Wednesday I went down to the pool for our first swimming lesson with my class. First, Jim and Georgie (the instructors) watched four children at a time do a width of front-crawl and back-stroke. Then they put us into groups. Both groups worked in the deep end, we tried to improve our swimming skills. When we had finished and had got changed we had a hot chocolate. Someone’s bag was in the way and Daisy T tripped over it and grazed her knees. She said, ‘it stings’, so I said think about pineapples to take her mind off it.

When we walked back up to school I was at the front with Daisy and Miss Philpott. We were talking about pineapples and every time Daisy said, ‘it hurts’ I shouted, ‘pineapples.’



It has been a good first week back after the half-term break. As well as the swimming and literacy that Jess and Henry have told you about, there has been lots of cricket. A couple of the girls took part in a Girl’s cricket competition on Monday and their team qualified for the Devon finals next week. Seven of the class played in the Dartmoor Cup on Wednesday and the A team have qualified for the Devon finals which is also next week! We all practiced for Sports Day in our other PE lesson. In maths we’ve focused on addition and subtraction. Miss Miller started our geography topic and challenged us to draw a map of where we live – not an easy job! Our plants for The Great British Gardening Challenge are doing well and enjoyed the warm, wet conditions over half term.

We have had some nits in school and Beetles class recently so please check your child’s hair regularly.


1. New spellings to learn.

2. Keep reading.

3. Maths homework due in on Monday.

4. Next week – Tuesday – Dartmoor Cup Cricket County Final – A team only.

5. Wednesday – swimming everyone – in the water 11 – 11.30

6. Thursday – Girls cricket final

7. Another image has been sent back from Planet X360 showing another creature. For homework please draw this animal. It could be the prey or the predator of the creature we have already seen. Add some labels to the drawing to describe its different features and how they are used e.g. ‘external, sharp teeth to pierce prey’.