Our blog is a bit different this week. I asked each of the children what they felt they had achieved this week, or what they were proud of doing, or what they had learnt (and some answered with what they had enjoyed!).

RT – understanding how to convert between decimals and fractions

CD – science – starting to understand why some thinks sink and some float

BG – understanding more about how humans are changing the atmosphere

TS – feeling the support of friends on the playground

HH – understanding more about himself, who he works well with and how to work his best

CG – playing the steel pans

BW – improving my writing about the atmosphere

MM – maths in general and learning about the Maya

DW – enjoyed using the tablets for computing and has got a better understanding of E-Safety

JL – learning how to weave and improving her skills

MM – understanding how to add decimals to make 100

DC – improving his concentration in maths

CM – enjoying maths

MB – feeling more confident

BOB – using Scratch and adding decimals to make 100

LHV – improving spelling and understanding decimals better

DR – is really enjoying and improving her writing

JMC – has got better at converting measures and is proud of her writing

It’s always good to hear the children talking of about what they are learning and improving.

Reminders for next week:

1. Maths homework due in on Monday.

2. New spellings to learn.

3. Keep reading.

4. Some of you will have netball on Monday afternoon.

5. Don’t forget to test your smoke alarm and think about your escape plan.

6. Next week we will be completing our invent writing on the question that you have chosen. Some of you will need more information (especially facts) than you have at the moment. You all need to have a go at drawing a diagram / chart / table / picture that you will include in your writing. Make sure that you have all the information that you will need to answer your questions and don’t forget to have your book in school on Monday.