Another week has flown by!

We’ve been busy preparing for Bethlehem the Musical but have still managed to make good progress with our geometry work and have become much more proficient in drawing and measuring angles using protractors.

We have greatly enjoyed our poetry work. We made Wanted posters for the Highway Man poem; created our own verses of Roger McGough’s ‘Down Behind the Dustbin’ and loved the beauty of the description and beauty of Ann Marie Duff’s Bethlehem poem. Next week we will be looking at Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.


1. Maths homework due in Monday.

2. Keep reading – look out for more poetry that you enjoy.

3. New spellings to learn.

4. Monday bring in costume (and any props) in named bag.

5. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will be walking to Jubilee Hall and back – sometimes twice in the day. Make sure you have a healthy snack, warm coat and sensible shoes.

6. Thursday we are performing. Make sure that you know what you are doing at the end of the first performance (bus / walking back to school / going with a grown up) and check that your grown-ups have let the office know using School Gateway.

7. Thursday please come back to Jubilee Hall between 5.40 and 5.50 (wearing your costume) and make sure you know how you are going home.

8. Make sure that you know your lines and the songs!