This week I’ve enjoyed everything, but I’ve especially enjoyed food tec because we’ve been designing what we’re going to cook next week. I’m making sushi and I’m sooooooo excited because I LOVE SUSHI !!!!!!!!!!

This week in maths we’ve been learning about coordinates and yesterday was extra fun because we were making patterns and I found that really fun.

Yesterday we got new trios and my new one is with Chloe D and Henry and I quite like it.

In band we’re learning a song on the recorder called ‘Hallelujah’ and I find it a really fun tune to play because it has loads of high parts and low parts.



This week we had a very short week. On Tuesday morning Miss Miller did our maths lesson. In English we were starting to do the Invent writing. The first bit of writing was the introduction. On Tuesday afternoon we were with Mrs Bayly. We were planning our ‘On the go’ food.

On Wednesday morning we carried on with the Invent stage of our writing. In the afternoon we looked at what we were going to do in our Collective Worship. We also did some more to our gardens.

Thursday morning we got some new trios. I really like my new trio – it is Dylan CO and Clara. In the afternoon we practiced for our Collective Worship. Then we did it and it all went really well.

Friday morning we are going to do maths and in literacy we are going to finish our instructions and write them up in neat. In the afternoon we are going to do computing and PE and then we are going to go to assembly.



On Monday it was a Bank Holiday so we got a day off.

On Wednesday we got new trios and I am with Ben and Daisy R. We all work well with each other because Daisy R is really good at sport, Ben is really good at writing and I am glad that they are my trio.

On Thursday we had our class Collective Worship which was about the Commonwealth, we all created powerpoints about different countries. We also learnt actions to the Lord’s Prayer and taught the rest of the school.

On Friday we have a spelling test and we also have PE and we are doing literacy. In literacy we are doing instructions and we have been looking at Incredible Edibles and we were trying to write the same as Stefan Gates and he is the person who wrote the book Incredible Edibles.

Chloe G


Thank you to this week’s blog writers.

Next week:

1. New spellings to learn

2. Maths homework due in on Monday

3. Keep reading

4. Don’t forget our trip to Bristol on Friday. You need to be at school by 8.20am so that we are ready to leave at 8.30am. You need to wear school uniform and bring a bag containing your packed lunch – you do not need to bring lots of other stuff. If you would like a school packed lunch, please let the office know by Wednesday. It will be a long day so please make sure that you have plenty to eat and drink. If you suffer from travel sickness, please let me know (if you will need to be given medication for our return journey, please get your grown-up to complete a pink form and give the medication to me). If you have an inhaler, please make sure that it is with you. We won’t be back to school until approximately 5.30pm.

5. This weekend go outside for 15 to 20 minutes and keep a list of all the wildlife that you see (and hear). It could be the garden, park, moor, beach, cricket field… Try to be specific about what you see (crow rather than bird) and remember to look carefully. You’re more likely to see amazing things if you are quiet and still. Look for plants (from moss to trees), animals (from ants to sheep!) and birds. Bring your list back to school for next week. It would be lovely to see some sketches of what you see too.

You are all invited to the Church Family breakfast at 9.30am on Sunday (13th May) in the school hall – sorry I forgot to give out the flyers.