A cold and often grey week has flown by as the Beetles have explored all sorts of subjects.

In science we thought about gravity – what would it be like to live on the moon with quarter the gravity of earth? Do heavy objects fall faster than light objects? How do you make the best parachute for a chicken? There were many, many questions and ideas to explore and ponder.

In literacy we continued to think about how humans are damaging the atmosphere and again there were so many questions to ask, answer and think about.

Our maths work took us from huge numbers to parts of numbers (decimals) as well as multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Today we tested out our weighing skills as we thought about what 100g of different carbohydrates look like.

Our Collective Worship on Thursday involved the re-telling of the strange Mayan myth of the Hero Twins. There were ball games, Lords of Death, rivers of pus, talking decapitated heads and all sorts – as well as a happy ending.

It was lovely to see everyone back in school this week and win the attendance award – well done.


1. New spellings to learn – test on Friday.

2. Keep reading – lots of you have enjoyed our work on forces / gravity / space and the environment this week – why don’t you find a book about one of these topics?

3. The websites at the back of the ‘Our humans damaging the atmosphere?’ book are:




(I’ll put the links on the blog too as they’re rather long – don’t forget to get permission to go on line and to surf safely)

4. Maths homework – due in by Tuesday as I was late giving it out.

5. Before Christmas you worked hard on your poetry skills and now you have been invited to take part in a poetry competition and the chance to have your poem published in a book! The competition is called Rhymecraft and you need to use your imagination to create another world. Have a look in the leaflet and use your creativity to come up with something A-MAZE-ING! Please draft your ideas on a separate piece of paper and then write your finished poem on the back of the leaflet. You don’t have to take part in the competition but I do expect everyone to write a poem. If you do want to take part in the competition, please ask one of your grown-ups to sign the form with the competition leaflet and hand it back in with your poem.