Congratulations to all the Beetles who have survived to the end of the week – we seem to have had some nasty bugs going round and do get better soon those of you who are suffering.

We’ve enjoyed our final week of the half term through strange red skies, storms, sun and rain. Our collection of collective nouns is now on display outside the classroom – you can discover all sorts of amazing facts. We’ve enjoyed our maths work on subtraction and battled with the tablet computers to find out more about blood. We had our last football session with Mark and left the story of Moses with Moses pleading with Pharaoh to let God’s people go whilst Kevin (the accidental Secret Agent) was left flying down a zip wire with his mum’s tights and dad’s pants around his ankles! Lots to look forward to after the holiday.

This afternoon we reflected on what we’d enjoyed this half term.

  • fizz buzz (a maths game)
  • the way we do literacy
  • playing team games
  • playing maths games (especially Top Trumps, dice games, fizz buzz)
  • explaining our maths in lots of ways using the connective model
  • trio activities
  • our new Bibles
  • computing and the tablets
  • listening to the story of The Accidental Secret Agent
  • using physical resources in maths

A couple of children were brave enough to share ways in which they felt that they had improved over the seven weeks:

  • learning spellings better by using good strategies
  • improved concentration and focus

I hope you all have a lovely half term holiday, get better and stay safe.

Miss P


1. Make sure your maths homework is handed in on the Monday when you come back from half term.

2. Keep reading – make sure you’re ready to do a quiz when you return to school.

3. New spellings to learn – watch out for those silent letters.

4. Messy Church on Saturday 21st at school.

5. Create a poster to explain how to keep your heart healthy and why it is important to look after your heart. Make sure that you include the scientific knowledge that you now have.