This week some of the Beetles have started a blogging project with Miss Miller. Here are their first blogs:

Garden off – who will win?
A while ago, one of our class blogs talked about The Great British Garden off. This is what has happened since! As the year progressed, the points started to go down. Luckily, Miss Philpott came to our aid with 50 brand new points for the start of a new month! This excellent turn of events allowed all the Teams to buy more seeds and pots for their plants. Which by now, are really quite big! It isn’t clear who will win yet, but everyone is doing quite well!

Thanks for reading!!!


Sporting success!

Lately Chagford have soared to success and have collected lots of silverware. We have played in the Dartmoor cup, Weaver Cup and the county finals. We won the Weaver Cup and came second in the county for cricket! Now a few of us at Chagford play for Oke Argile and had a football funday and played zorb football and had lots of fun. A while back, ORFC (Oke Rugby Club) had a presentation and it was really fun.
See you next week and thanks for reading my blog! I will report in one of my blogs about the Devon Mix – stay tuned.


In our lessons, we have been learning lots of exciting things. In Maths, we have been learning column subtraction and addition. In one lesson, we did an investigation to find out what happened when a 4-digit number, such as 5454, is reversed and subtracted from the bigger number. It equalled 909 when the numbers were consecutive. I found this lesson challenging at first but when I found the pattern I found it easy and fun.

This year builders have been working on our new school. At first it looked like nothing but now it looks like it is nearly finished! I didn’t think it would take this long but then I saw how big it was. I’m excited to move there in September.

Thank you for reading my first blog! Next week I will be writing about school music events.


Thank you to our bloggers – do look out for their next contributions.

This week we’ve also found time to complete our Animalium work as we visited the planet of Pandora and described its habitat and the Thanator and the Great Leonopteryx that live there (look out for the display of our work that will soon appear outside the classroom).

In Geography we persevered to learn how to use a compass to take bearings and then applied this skill in today’s PE session.

Chantel brought us some moths to see on Thursday (they were amazing – some looked just like twigs!) and we planted our rapidly growing plants on. We also took flowers apart and found all their different parts.

With Mrs Bayley we did some sewing as we continue with our textiles project.

Beetles Reminders Friday 15th June 2018

1. New spellings to learn.

2. Maths homework due in on Monday.

3. Keep reading.

4. Next week: please have your PE kit in school on Monday.

5. Wednesday swimming or Devon Mix

6. Friday – finals of the High Jump

7. Complete the sheet on using commas and dashes for parenthesis