The highlight of this week was, without doubt, our Musical workshop on Friday. Flora and Fran helped us to make the most wonderful noises in a really short space of time. We ‘droned’ as others improvised. We sang in parts. We harmonised. We sang in Eastern European languages. We attempted difficult rhythms. We were really impressed by Flora and Fran’s skills.

Work on Bethlehem the Musical has really begun – it’s great to see so much enthusiasm for singing.

In maths we completed our work on multiplication and division and have started work on geometry – particularly angles and triangles. In literacy we have completed our telling of the Spanish lottery story and we will now move on to poetry work.

Next week will be full of preparations for Christmas. On Thursday at 9.10 we have a special celebration assembly to mark the winning of the South Tawton tournaments in netball and football.


1. Maths homework due in on Monday.

2. New spellings to learn.

3. Keep reading – we’re going to be doing some poetry work in the next couple of weeks so how about reading some poetry?

4. Start learning your words for the Christmas play.

5. Learn the words for the songs we are on stage for – Knock at the door and Hospitality, I will give you the words. Remember you can find more songs and words for Bethlehem the Musical on youtube but do get permission from your grown-ups first.

6. Sort out your costume for the play. It doesn’t need to come to school until December but don’t leave it too late to plan. If you can’t find anything please let me know so we can help.


Juliette / Marcel the chef – chef’s whites? or at least an apron and hat plus a few utensils.

Visitors – Chloe, Chloe and Bryony – holiday outfits – sunglasses, hats, shorts, t-shirts etc

The rest of you are all residents of Bethlehem – neutral coloured (brown / grey / beige / khaki…) t shirt and trousers with a waist coat or dressing gown. If you are an innkeeper / innkeeper’s wife you might want an apron.
If you want to go more fancy then something like this would be great:

There are instructions at: