As 2017 comes to an end the Beetles took some time to review the year so far and came with a long list of things that they have enjoyed which follows in no particular order:

Angles and geometric reasoning in maths


Maths particularly playing maths games and Fizz Buzz

Multiplicative reasoning


A.R. and being more motivated

Making books with the Grasshoppers

Play, Like, Share resources on E-Safety

Scratch computer programming

End of year party

Art and making things like calendars and cards

Football and netball festival


DT – water filters and trading game

Sitting volley balls

Football with Mark.

There were also many things that the Beetles felt that they had got better at including:

developing skills to help with spelling and remembering them long term

not falling out with friends so often

enjoying guitar practice

times tables

playing with children from different classes


not being as annoying (their words!)


The children wrote a thoughtful Christmas poem on Monday with Mrs Bayly which they performed in Church on Friday.

Hark! We angels proclaimed the angelic birth

of the holy King.

These great songs ring out,

that we will forever sing.

We saw the baby cradled in a manger,

Mary by his side,

Where heaven and earth now collide.

We saw the Christ by heaven adored,

We saw the baby, the everlasting Lord.

Hark! Shepherds watch their flock by moonlight,

scanning the horizon at dead of night.

Their eyes open and their mouths gaping wide,

they saw the angels descend

surrounded by a ray of light.

Hark! Clip, clop,

off rode the donkey on his quest,

he and his passengers travelled from afar

for many miles and many days

precious burden he did carry.

Clip clop, stop.

In Bethlehem they came to rest.

Hark! Sorry, we are all full up!

no room in our inn,

the only thing we have; a stable

you’re welcome to squeeze in!

Hark! We’re said to be the wisest men,

We’re headed up to Bethlehem,

Some star guided us to his arrival,

finding him will ensure mankind’s survival.

Hark! Laying in my mother’s arms,

so many pairs of starry eyes,

gazing softly upon my holy manger.

My mother whispers in my ear

I love you very much my dear.

The prophecies have said

a gift from God has led

to you the Saviour being born

upon this very dawn.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year love Miss Philpott