The final week of the half term gave us a chance to do all sorts of interesting things.

On Monday, Dylan and Leotie (our School Councillors) had the chance to go and visit our new school building – they’ll be telling everyone more about what they saw at a Collective Worship after half-term.

Tuesday was Safer Internet Day so we thought and talked lots about how to stay safe on-line. We looked at opening attachments and links that we might not be sure about, what information it’s OK to share on line, warning signs that something isn’t quite right and much more.

Wednesday’s challenge was to balance a cork with the biggest possible weight as we thought about transferring forces and the use of levers. Would you have guessed that we could balance a cork with more than 4kg?

Thursday’s challenge was to construct a means of transport to take Maya goods through the jungle. Although the Maya used wheels on toys they don’t seem to have used them to help transport goods and there were no local pack animals to use. The Beetles made some very creative transport methods including effective sledges although the cable car wasn’t as good!

Friday we continued with our forces work as we used parachutes to discover how much air resistance can slow us down. We also took time to reflect on how we’ve changed over the first half of our time in Year 5.

Things we’ve got better at:

asking for help

being responsible

falling out less at break times

playing with more people

getting more work done

being more mature

being more focused in learning time

lots of new friends

learning lots

enjoying seeing new people come


learning new things

working with people I didn’t use to

able to learn more

shouting out less.


We also talked about our targets for the rest of the year:

getting better at table champs

being told off less

trying to understand more

talking less on the carpet

continuing to stop the fallouts

becoming more flexible (physically)

concentrating more

not getting carried away with bad decisions

good carpet sitting

not being so loud

less silly

reading more

talking less

trying harder

not falling over so often

wearing glasses rather than fiddling with them

no being sent to Mrs Wiseman for bad reasons

not arguing with family so much

improving division skills

putting hand up more often

speeding up

not fiddling

using a dictionary more


Reminders for half-term:

1. Maths homework due in straight after half term.

2. Keep reading – have you nearly got to 500,000 words?

3. Spellings – I’m sending home all the spellings that you’ve had this half term. I will test you on a random 10 to find out whether they’re in your long term memory.

4. Keep working on your Maya project – what are you going to make?

5. Have a lovely break.


PS We will be working with Chantel on the first Wednesday afternoon after half term – make sure you have wellies, hat, gloves etc.