Despite the horrible weather this week the Beetles have carried on working hard and learning lots.

Our maths work has involved measuring and weighing and then converting the answers to different units of measure – it has been challenging but getting out a variety of rulers, scales and measuring containers has given us practical fun.

Our writing has been all about recycling and we are discovering some amazing facts about what can be done if we recycle – for example – Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to power your TV for three hours and it takes just 25 two-litre plastic bottles to make a recycled fleece jacket.

In science we investigated whose shoe had the most grip as we explored friction and a group of readers were amazed to discover that there are floating trains that move through the power of magnetism!

We have started to discover more about the Maya people and were surprised to discover that they developed calendars, writing and numbers long before people here. We thought their idea of beauty was a little different to ours though – slightly crossed eyes seems an odd look to aim for.

Next week we have a talk by the Fire Brigade on Tuesday afternoon.

Reminders are below.
1. New spellings to learn – test on Friday. Make sure that you know how to use the words correctly.

2. Keep reading.

3. Maths homework – due in by Monday.

4. Next week you will be working on your Invent writing. You need to pick a subject to write about and collect information, facts, pictures, diagrams etc. to use in your writing. Below are some suggestions but you don’t have to stick with one of these. Don’t start writing your report but make sure that you’ve got lots of information (that you understand and can explain to other people) to use.


Are plastics harming our oceans?

Are cars polluting our air?

Is palm oil production warming up our world?

Should all plastics be banned?

Is your home melting the polar ice caps?

Is your food damaging our planet?

Why should I reduce my carbon footprint?