My Birthday (by Juliette).

At school we really fun things, one of the most enjoyable things we did was a debate on which country should hold the 2026 Commonwealth Games – we chose India.

Back on the 18th we went to the science museum in Bristol called We The Curious. When we did our workshop, I (with the help of a lever) lifted up Miss Philpott with one finger. Most of us were fascinated by the power of a pivot and a plank of wood. Later on, we explored the museum and we all had a go on a hamster wheel that – when we ran in it – it powers a machine. Also, while we were looking round we spotted a water screw. We found out that massive ones of these are used in Africa to extract water from the ground, although simple it could save lives.


Over this half-term we did lots of fun things like a murder mystery in our maths where we were in groups to try and find clues to find out who the murderer was. We were also doing co-ordinates which everyone really enjoyed, we reflected them and rotated them.

For our French we were reading and writing The Hungry Caterpillar. We also did work on biodiversity in science which was fun and we found out where the most diverse spot was.



What I liked in this half term was that I had Miss Philpott as my class teacher and she takes us to fun places and she has helped me with my hand-writing. Miss Miller has been doing some fun maths with us. I hope we can have Miss Miller after the holidays.

Dylan W


When we went to ‘We the Curious’, I found these little metal balls and when I put the balls on to metal they all stuck up in a spike. We also went inside a mother’s tummy and every few minutes the floor started to move. You could hear the mum saying lots of things like, “When will she come out?”



It’s been another busy week but we’ve enjoyed the sunshine and worked hard. Do see the main newsletter for the children’s match reports from the Dartmoor Cup and Weaver Cup.

English Homework

Over half term, I (Miss Miller) would like you to go on a walk and pay particular attention to your surroundings. Do you see any animals or insects? What plants do you see? What is the walk like – do you go up steep hills or near rivers? Have humans changed the land?

After the walk, please write a recount of what you saw and try to include geographical terms such as: terrain, steep, ascending, land use, woodland, moorland.

For example, ‘I went up a steep hill that had a rocky terrain’.

Enjoy the walk! I look forward to reading your recounts.

Beetles Reminders 25th May 2018

1. New spellings to learn.

2. Maths homework due in on Monday.

3. Keep on reading – can you hit 1 million words this year?

4. Please look through your uniform and check that it all belongs to you – if you find something that belongs to someone else please return it.

5. After half term we have Girls’ cricket on Monday 4th June and the next part on the Dartmoor Cup on Wednesday 6th June – you will get electronic messages if this involves you.

6. We are all swimming on Wednesday 6th June – for this week only we will have the final slot from 11 – 11.30. You need a healthy snack, swimming costume, towel, enough clothes to keep you warm once you’re out of the water…

7. Have a lovely half term and good luck to those competing in The Two Hills Race.

The link to the Light bots hour of coding site is: Lightbot