This week in maths we got to become detectives. We had to work out who had killed Billy Gobbler. Zoe Walters was found guilty.

The maths part to it was we had to work out sums that the answers would give us the next part to do. We had a list of all the letters in the alphabet with the number that it is e.g. A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 etc. You get the point. All the answers to the questions would give you a letter and in order would make a few words which would give you the clue. With enough clues you could find the murderer!



On Tuesday afternoon, we walked down to the cricket pitch with the Year 6s. Andy the coach did bowling , batting and throwing with us. We also played a game of 2 bats.

On Thursday, we did gardening with Chantel. We were split up into 3 groups. With Chantel everyone had a pot and you could plant anything you liked then we watered the plants with the hose but it wouldn’t stretch so we used the watering can instead.

This week we have been making presentations on powerpoint about a country in the Commonwealth – it is really good fun!

Daisy R


On Monday, we learnt a new method of multiplication. I found it very simple and very helpful. That morning, Chloe, Bryony, Chloe and M had a wonderful cake sale. They had every food you can imagine! Brownies, fairy cakes, strawberry cakes and more (it’s making my mouth water just thinking of it). All the money they made went to Cancer Research. My mum works for Cancer Research so I got extra money to spend.

In the afternoon, we were researching about food. River and I researched about a cowzone [I think Henry means a calzone – Miss P]. Fun fact, cowzone means trousers. We found all this information on our school tablets. We then showed the class what we had found out.



As well as all of the above, this afternoon we had a fascinating time up at Church taking part in the Biodiversity Blitz. By looking carefully, we managed to find all sorts of different plants and creatures. Nick Baker let us look at our finds with his special microscope and experts were on hand to help us identify what we found. We had a great time – thank you Kes, Nick, Nicky, Paul and the Church team. The Blitz continues on Saturday – do go along and get involved.

A huge well done to the girls who raised so much money for Cancer Research through their bake sale and thank you too to their families who supported them in this – you made us proud.

Next week:

1. Maths homework due in on Tuesday.

2. Keep reading.

3. New spellings to learn.

4. Invite your grown-ups to our Collective Worship 3pm on Thursday.

5. This weekend practice making the thing that you are writing the instructions for in literacy. You do not need to write anything down but you might want to take photos to go with your writing next week.

6. If you need more information for your Commonwealth country powerpoint, collect it.

7. Enjoy the long weekend and the sunshine.