This Wednesday we went to a music mix where the choir and band played instruments. We saw a jazz band that were very good and played lots of instruments. For example, the double bass was played by Harry, on the piano was Matt, there was also a trombone player, trumpet, saxophone and drums! We had an opera singer workshop, a steel pans workshop, violin workshop (strings) and a ‘have a go’ workshop. In the ‘have a go’ workshop, I played the saxophone, guitar and double bass. The saxophone was very difficult and you have to vibrate your lips to play it. It was a great day and I learnt how to do chords on the drums.

Let me tell you what happened this weekend in the World Cup as it kicked off. The first match was Russia vs Saudi Arabia and Russia won five-nil. It was a very one sided match and Russia dominated. Then on Friday night on BBC1 Portugal played Spain and it was a very intense game but Ronaldo scored a hat trick and Spain also scored three goals so the final score was 3 all. England played Tunisia and it was a very good game. Harry Kane scored the first goal then Tunisia got a penalty and put it in the bottom corner. This is it, 90 mins gone, and Harry Kane heads the ball into the goal to make it 1-2 to England as they win the match!

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Hello again,
This week I will be talking to you about our school choir and band. There are around forty people in choir and we sing different songs on a Tuesday afternoon. Soon, we will be going to Oke College and we will sing Land of the Silver Birch. There are different parts to the song and the older kids sing the whole song, while the younger kids sing small parts. I think our choir is very talented and we’ll be great at Oke College!

In band, there are about thirteen people from years 5 and 6. We have been learning a song called Hallelujah and I play the recorder and do the harmony with other people. The recorder is a simple instrument but sometimes difficult to play and handle.

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Chloe D


Recently, Chagford School has been going swimmingly well. Literally. All the classes have been having swimming lessons on Wednesday mornings with Jim and Georgie. We were split into 2 different groups; one in the shallow end and one in the deep end. The group in the shallow end were doing widths, while the deep end group were doing lengths. We did lots of strokes using floats, including over arm with one arm. Near the end of the lesson our teacher allowed us to jump into the pool, we did a pencil jump and then a star jump – GERONIMO!!!!!!!

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