We have had several visitors in Beetles class this week. On Monday we were joined by Kieran and some of his friends from Kier in Collective Worship. They told us how to stay safe around building sites and helped us to identify some of the dangers that are present there.

On Thursday Mark joined us in the sunshine behind school to teach us some football skills. The children did very well, despite the increasing  amounts of mud and the sloping surface! Many of the class then went off to represent the school at the football and netball matches.

On Friday morning Chantel brought in some dung beetles for us to look at. They were called Dumbledore (and yes, the wizard is named after them). It was amazing to feel their power as they tried to bury down into our hands. We are looking forward to seeing some photos of them in flight. Don’t worry, they were in soil, not dung.

In between our visitors we had time to write letters from disgruntled musical instruments to a fictional character who wasn’t looking after them. We continued our work with place value and moved from big numbers to decimals. We used our RE time to start to prepare for our Collective Worship next week and created our own model of the heart and circulatory system.

Next week there will be a few changes to the normal timetable. Mrs Bayly will teach on Monday as normal but it will be Miss Philpott all day on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Russell will be in on Thursday and Friday afternoon. Mark will be back in on Thursday afternoon for more football.


1. Make sure your maths homework is handed in on Monday.
2. Keep reading.
3. New spellings to learn for test on Friday.
4. Invite your grown-ups to our Collective Worship next Thursday at 3pm.
5. Learn your part for the Collective Worship if you need to.
6. Design a poster to keep people safe around building sites. Use the A3 paper provided. Bring back to school by Tuesday. Use the ideas that we learnt about in Assembly on Monday morning. There will be a class winner and one or two from the school will be made into proper posters to go on the building site.