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Firstly, let me welcome you all back to a new year and a new term!  

It has been an exciting week already for the children of Beech Class as they have had to learn a new name and welcome Mr Smith (that’s me!) as their new class teacher. And I must say, they have certainly made me feel welcome here at Chagford. In class, the children have been very busy indeed and have certainly already impressed me with their positive attitude towards their learning.  

In English, we have begun to learn and retell the hilarious story of ‘Oi Frog’ by Kes Gray. Children have used a text map and actions to help orally retell the story. See if your child can use the text map below to retell the story to you! We have also been ‘rhyme detectives’, searching for the rhyming words within the story that make it so funny. This will help the children to write their own version of a funny rhyming story.  






In maths, we have been creating ‘First, Then, Now’ stories to help us with adding numbers to 20 by counting on. We used real images, counters and then a number line to help us do this. We have also been playing a game of ‘Around the World’ to help us practice recalling our number bonds to 10 which the children have enjoyed tremendously.  

In topic, we have been thinking about ‘Amazing Animals’. We began by listing ALL the animals we could possibly think of and we have started to group them to their scientific category. We then also learnt the seven continents of the world by using an atlas and map. Once we learnt them, I then challenged the children to stick the continents onto a blank piece of paper in the correct place which they managed without a problem. Challenge your child to teach you the song that we learnt to help us remember them. We then began to think about the animals that might come from those different continents.  We have also become real life artists this week; creating caterpillars in the style of Eric Carle using a technique called collage. Children practiced this style so that in the coming weeks, they can create another collage of an animal of their choice.  






Finally, Chagford was very luck to meet a real life author, Claire Baker, on Thursday. In the afternoon, she popped into Beech class and help the children think about creating good and bad characters in stories. Children then designed their own good or bad character to help create their very own stories.  






Have a great weekend everyone 

Mr Smith and the Year 1 team