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Well done Beech class for another busy and successful week! We have been busy learning songs for Bah Humbug. Please can the children bring in what they are going to wear for Bah Humbug on Monday if possible? Thank-you.

In maths we have been using number bonds to help us make calculations when we are measuring length, capacity and weight. The aim is to ‘know’ the bonds without needing to work them out!

In literacy we have written reports about the celebration of Santa Lucia. We have also been the authors of our own individual books called ‘My Christmas Day’. They are really good. We have been very pleased and excited to receive a letter from Father Christmas in response to our letters. Mrs Christmas thinks our handwriting is better than FC’s!

Monday is a special day when we can spend some time with Beech class’s new teacher from January, Mr. Smith. He is looking forward to having time in class and to meeting with parents at 3:30pm. I hope this will be possible for you.

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend.

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas