Well done to everyone in Beech class! What a great start to the new school year!

We have agreed our new class promises. We are already working well as a team and making the most of our new classroom.

In maths we are becoming really good at estimating, improving our accuracy when counting and we are finding out how to use the squares in our new maths books.

In literacy we have enjoyed the story of ‘Goose goes to School’. We have used the story to help us invent new stories of our own. We know how to make story maps and we are learning how to write our stories in sentences. This week and next week we are using the story ‘Bobbo goes to School’ to inspire us as story writers. We are also learning about compound words like’ playground’ and about homophones that are words with more than one meaning. In phonics we are finding out that the same phoneme can be spelt in different ways, like ‘ie’ as in ‘tie’ and ‘igh’ as in ‘night’.

The children are enjoying a focus on the seasons, and on autumn in particular. We have produced a range of beautiful artwork using a variety of media.

Stuck in the mud is a favourite warm up game for PE. We are working to improve our co-ordination and techniques in a variety of movements and when we are throwing and catching.

In history we are thinking about how time brings change. It would be great if everyone could bring in a photo or two of how they looked as a baby or toddler. Thank-you very much for all of the photos brought in so far. They have caused much hilarity, pleasure and enjoyment as well as showing very clearly that we do change over time.

Tomorrow, and every Friday, we shall be visiting the school library and enjoying some paired reading time with buddies in Oak class. We shall also be able to choose a library book to bring home – which can exchanged on a Friday.

Some dates for your diary – and a CHANGE from a previous letter:

  • our Harvest service will not be on Monday 1st October but will probably be on Wednesday 3rd October; this will be confirmed in a newsletter
  • we have a ‘multi-skills’ festival on Tuesday 2nd October
  • our class assembly will be on 11th October

Once again, a big well done to Beech class!

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas