This week in Bee class we have:

  • Learnt about the order of operations (BODMAS/BIDMAS) as well as introducing ourselves to the idea of algebra. We tackled a very challenging puzzle this morning where 11 shapes were represented one of the numbers between 0-12. We had to work out which shape represented each number. The children were awesome at working together and we had a lot of great maths talk around the room.
  • In Literacy, we have been very busy turning a visual story into a written story. We have had to work really hard on describing events in a lot of detail to really paint a picture for our reader. We have also looked at how we can control our sentence lengths and play with our grammatical features to reflect the mood of the character in the story.
  • In Science, we have been looking at the forces involved in sports on earth, Newton’s 1st Law of Motion and the Magnus effect. We have also designed and undertook an investigation to see which stud pattern creates the most friction.
  • In RE, we have continued the story of Moses and acted out the part where Moses (through God) brings 10 plagues to the people of Egypt.
  • In PE we have continued to use the apparatus to create a sequence of static and dynamic balances as well as improve our Netball skills in our other PE session.

Reminder for next week:
We have a Hockey Festival, held at Okehampton College next Wednesday morning. The children have been asked to bring along shin pads and a gum shield. You should have received an email today with more details.

Can you learn to spell and find out the meaning of these words…
advice   advise
devise   device
practice    practise

Literacy Homework
Following the success of last weeks’ online homework (and thank you to all the children who have been sending me extra work throughout the week), we will try using Office365 again this week. Read what Bear Grylls has to say!