Another eventful week in Bee Class has whizzed by….

This week we have:

  • Revised mental strategies for adding and subtracting decimals in Maths
  • Writing descriptive paragraphs based on the senses from stills of the adverts we have been studying in Literacy
  • We celebrated Harvest up in the Church on Monday afternoon
  • Thought about levels and balances using the apparatus in our Gymnastics lesson
  • And…amazingly…. We have spent a LOT of time in the afternoons this week, setting-up our Office365 accounts on the new tablets. It will take some getting used to but I think when we are all up-to-speed and well practised with the tech we will be able to make the most of being able to create our work online and share it easily with others.

Homework this week….

We had a lot of our class out at a Football and Netball tournament today (I’ve just heard both teams won! Amazing! Well done!) so we didn’t do our spelling test – we’ll test last week’s words on Monday.

Practice these words for next Friday, please.
They are a little bit different this week. I would like you to practice adding the word endings (suffixes) to these words.



So you could write: reference or  referring
Some suffixes may change the last letters of the root word as in the case of referring (you add an extra ‘r’) or changing (where you lose the ‘e’ at the end). Watch out for those ones!

As mentioned above we have all been logging into our new Tablets here at school and each of the children has been given their own email address and login for Office365.
Search google for ‘Office365’, click the link that comes up and enter the login details like you have at school.
The children should know how their email address starts: [name]

For this weeks’ Literacy homework I would like you to create a fact file about a person whom you admire. It could be your favourite Olympic horse rider, footballer, actor, parent, grandparent etc.
I would like you to try and login to Office365 and create your fact file in Word.
It should include a picture of the persons’ face and plenty of facts about them.
Bonus points will be awarded for great presentation.

Remember what we have said about e-safety at school – surf the web with an adult, and if anything gives you that ‘uh-oh’ feeling, let a grown-up know straight away.

If you have trouble accessing the web or Office365 I don’t mind low-tech, paper-based version.

Have a great weekend, Mr B