This week in Bees Class we have been:

  • Learning about Friction and how tricky life could be without it as part of our Science topic on Forces
  • Learning about the religion of the Shang Dynasty and the three types of Gods: Shang-di, the all-powerful God; the Nature Gods and the Ancestor Gods. We then created our own interpretations of these gods in Art
  • Getting to grips with multiplying and dividing fractions – I have been really impressed with how well all of the Bees have been quickly picking up some tricky concepts
  • Looking at how the author of Varjak Paw, SF Said, uses all kinds of different writerly tricks to create different effects and replicated them in our own writing.
  • Keeping fit in PE with a Hockey lesson and a very intense 35-minute cardio workout – we had some very red cheeks that afternoon – including the adults!

Don’t forget about the Rotary Quiz Night – I’m still looking for names to make up two teams of 4 – look at last week’s blog for more details.


Maths – Please create a poster that shows how to multiply and divide fractions. Fill it with mathematical images and try to make your explanations as clear as possible.

Literacy – Write a poem about Varjak Paw’s experience of the city so far. You can choose the style of poem you would like to write.

Spellings (vocab taken from Varjak Paw)
armchair              deafening           gingerly                cowered              courage

Have a great weekend,
Mr B