Week 4 has been and gone already – where did the time go!

This week in Bee Class we have:

  • Finished our first unit on Number sense with more work on converting miles to kilometres, rounding with decimal numbers and converting fractions to decimals
  • Compared and contrasted the John Lewis ‘Man on the Moon’ advert with the Spanish Lotto advert we have been studying in Literacy. We’ve had some really interesting conversations about how each advert takes the viewer on an emotional journey and how the directors have used colour to emphasise those feelings.
  • Continued with our look into Moses’ life and what happened when he spotted a burning bush in the desert in our RE lesson.
  • Started our first week as Young Sports Leaders
  • Visited Okehampton College for a tour and talk – I have heard only good things about this from the children that went – well done!
  • Started to create posters from our research on Viking Life in our Topic work.
  • Learnt how to make a Celtic knot in Art – this was tricky!
  • Prepared our Harvest Service piece (Monday at the Church – 2pm)
  • Learnt to dance with the Dartmoor Stepdance group
  • Started working on our defending and attacking skills in PE

Literacy Homework

Can you come up with your own idea for a Christmas advert, similar to those that we have looked at in Literacy. Create a 6-8 frame storyboard/comic strip for your idea.

Spellings  ible and able words

disposable          possible               legible                   edible                   forgivable

Have a lovely weekend! Mr B