This week in Bee Class we have:

  • Finished our unit of Multiplicative Reasoning with finding fractions and percentages of amounts
  • Continued our work around verbs and tenses for cohesion in Literacy
  • Practiced Yoga and mindfulness in PE on Monday; today we looked at some of the really interesting brain science behind yoga, meditation and posture.
  • Looked at the importance and of water as a natural resource in our Topic lesson
  • Spent an afternoon with Caterpillar class (Y2/3) as part of our Anti-bullying/Friendship week. We had great fun discussing the importance of friendship, what it looks like and then putting it into practice with exercises involving teamwork. It was great to the Year 6 working with younger children and being great role models! 







  • Started thinking about the Christmas play – we’ve already been singing the opening song! Check bags for performance tickets if you haven’t seen a letter yet – they came home on Tuesday.

Homework this week
Collect as much information as you can on the topic of recycling. We will be writing on this theme next week so the more you find out the better! Write your research as a bullet-pointed list.

Continue to learn your words from the Year 5 and 6 statutory word list.