This week in Bee Class we have:

  • Practiced short and long multiplication and division, and learnt how to find fractions of amounts in Maths
  • Learnt how authors create cohesion in an information text through a range of methods: using rhetorical questions, the repetition of key words and writing in the same tense but using different verb forms.
  • In Science, we have revised our understanding of genetic inheritance and looked into the Nature/Nurture debate.
  • We have also started a new Topic on Natural resources, practised Yoga and mindfulness.

Well done to our Netballers, Footballers and Runners this week – good results all round they are representing the school really well.

Choose 5 words from the Year 5 and 6 spelling list that you know you need to practice.

Add the missing punctuation to these sentences (think carefully with the word in bold on the 4th sentence.)
her birthday is in march
at easter time i like to eat chocolate eggs
is a mouse as strong as an elephant
my cats name is holly because she was born on christmas day
can you spread sand on a sandwich
ellie broke a vase on thursday
dad likes to drink coffee but mum likes tea best
james scribbled on my work
do you like ice cream
some trees lose their leaves in autumn

Have a great weekend, Mr B