Some things for Year 6’s to think about over the weekend….

1. SATs are just tests for Maths and English. They don’t show how kind, funny, creative or quirky you are – and all those things need to be celebrated! Your value and worth is much greater than your SATs results.

2.SATs don’t tell the whole story. Whatever your results are, trying hard is the important thing. You should be very proud to have made it through to the end of primary school and to be sitting these tests. It’s a MASSIVE achievement.

3.Children in Year 6 will be feeling lots of different things when it comes to their SATs.

  • You might feel unsure and have lots of questions
  • You might feel confident and excited
  • You might feel anxious about a particular topic
  • You might feel calm and collected
  • You might feel a bit nervous
  • You may just wish they were over so you can
  • enjoy the summer

These are all normal reactions.

However you feel, there will be other children feeling the same. Remember to talk to people you trust and share how you feel.


  1. Do something for you this weekend. You have worked really hard so far, take your mind off next week by rewarding yourself by doing something you really love. Draw, paint, ride your bike, play video games, get out on your horse – whatever makes you happy, do it.

2. Do something for somebody else. Smile. Be kind. Make a parent a cup of tea. Helping others will make you feel good about yourself.

3. Get plenty of rest.

See you Monday morning – Mr B.