This week in Bee Class we…

  • Researched the major events of Victorian Britain and Chagford to compare the changes that were happening here and across the UK. Who knew that Chagford was the first place west of London to have electricity!?
  • Ran the second mile of our 13.1mile challenge
  • Revised adding and subtracting whole and decimal numbers using mental and written methods; BODMAS; Algebra and missing number problems in Maths
  • Have written our independent diary entries for a famous person of our choosing in Literacy
  • Recapped on all of the cricket skills we learned last year.
  • And discovered what sound is and how it travels in Science

Please have a go at the sheet below
homework_sheet_6_24 homework_sheet_6_24

Have a go at these 10 SPaG questions!

SPAG paper Part 1

And…  Keep up the revision – 10-15minutes each night!

Have a great weekend and try not to get too wet!

Mr B