What a lovely way to start the Summer Term with some sunshine! Let’s hope it lasts!
This week in Bee Class we have…

  • Started our revision of the Year 6 Maths curriculum. We have looked at ordering and comparing numbers, rounding, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 or 1000 and working with negative numbers.
  • In Literacy, we have continued to work on writing diary entries for a famous author making sure that our writing is cohesive and includes a list of expanded noun phrases.
  • Started our new topic on Chagford and the Victorians. So far we have looked at old photographs of Chagford and noted what has changed since then. It is amazing to think that so many sheep could be penned outside of the Pepperpot!
  • In PE we have taken on the 13.1 mile (half marathon) challenge laid down by OCRA. The challenge is to run 12miles before the end of July before completing the last mile, with lots of children/parents on 22nd July at the Okehampton Sports Festival. All participants get a t-shirt for taking part. We have also made a start on Sports Day preparations – this week we practiced the High Jump.
  • In Art, we have started to look at the Victorian artist William Morris and then use our digital skills to create our own repeated pattern wallpaper.
  • In RE we have started to learn about the life of Siddhartha Gautama as part of our work on Buddhism.
  • And we also managed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

It is really important you come to school on Monday knowing the person who you are going to write a diary entry for.

You need at least 5 interesting events that have happened in their lives that you can write about.

For example, if you chose Queen Victoria you might decide to write a diary entry on…

  • Her miserable childhood spent away from other children
  • Her coronation – when she became Queen of England
  • When she first meets Prince Albert
  • The birth of her first child
  • The time her and Albert got lost in the Highlands
  • Or one of the assassination attempts on her life.

Find out as much information as you can about the events you have chosen and bring it with you to class on Monday.

Have a go at this sheet!

Keep up the revision as well please – 10+ mins every day is much better than lots of hours at the weekend. Put in the hard work now and you will feel really confident when SATs week comes!

One last thing! If you want to take part in a Sunflower growing competition – bring in a pot! The bigger the pot, the bigger the sunflower!

Have a lovely weekend! Mr B