We’ve had a very busy start to our final 7 weeks at Chagford Primary – as Miss P reminded us in assembly only 6 left now but still plenty to do!

Key events from this week

  • More success in sports! We had an all girls cricket team play @ Newton Abbot on Monday, they played very well and are now through to the finals! Then we had another cricket competition on Wednesday, this time mixed – the team came 2nd overall and are also through to the final stages of that competition – the B team did very well, won 4/5 matches and came 3rd
  • We have been working hard to become Bee experts in Literacy and plan/write an information leaflet about why they are important, why their numbers are down and what we can do to help! These leaflets will make up part of our display for the Kingfisher Project presentation.
  • In Maths we have been completing assessment task challenges all week. This week they were mostly based on place value.
  • We had a moth expert, Mr Foster, (Mr Slater’s friend) come and show us some moths he had spent the previous night catching. He told us all about them and gave us some fascinating information about their life cycle.
  • We had our first swimming session on Wednesday – not one complaint about the pool being too cold – well done!
  • We have been designing fruit smoothies! These are based on fruits that require pollinating by bees and other important insects. Next week we will be making these (see homework section below for more details).
  • We have run our 7th mile of the 13.1-mile challenge set by OCRA.


1. The children have worked in pairs or threes to design a pollinated fruit smoothie. The plan is to make these smoothies on Monday or Tuesday afternoon next week. The children should know which ingredients they need to buy over the weekend – please have them ready and in school on Monday. Some of you have mentioned that they have a smoothie maker or blender at home that they want to bring in, I’m happy for this to happen so long as your parents are. You’ll be supervised by an adult when you are using them.

  1. Research what you can do to help bees in preparation for writing the final part of your leaflet next week.


Have a happy weekend, Mr B