Welcome back to Spring 2 – hopefully it will start to feel a little bit more like Spring soon!

This week in Bee Class we have:

  • Been adding and subtracting decimals in Maths
  • Creating lots of different kinds of poetry in Literacy: so far we have made acrostics, mesostics and calligrams using the new tablets
  • In PE, we have started a new unit of Tennis with Mrs Bayly and continued Yoga and cardio with Mr B
  • All been practicing our spellings using the tablets and Wordshark!
  • Searching for valleys and rivers on Dartmoor using OS maps and contour lines
  • Creating beautiful music (twinkle twinkle little star – thank you Cass!) on the steel pans.
  • And much, much more!

On Thursday 1st March it is World Book Day! Please come to school dressed in your favourite book character! It’s also parents’ evening next week so please pop into the office and find yourself a day and time if you haven’t already done so. Let me know if there’s a problem and we can sort something out.

Literacy – Next week is World Book Day – tell me all about your favourite book character! Why do you like them? What do you like about the world they live in? What is your favourite adventure of theirs?