What a week in Bee class!

First off – I want to say a big ‘well done!’ to all of them – they have got through a very tough week of SATs and they have handled the pressure really well. Be proud of yourselves Y6!

Alongside the mock SATs we have also been learning more about the Shang Dynasty – this week we have become critical thinkers and tried to judge the accuracy of historical recounts and then put our new skills in practice when we tried to find out what the people of the Shang Dynasty would have eaten and what little evidence of their diet exists.

In Science this week we have been finding out about Gravity, Isaac Newton, and Galileo – we have also started to design and make parachutes for ‘Tiddles’ (Ruth’s teddy!) – hopefully, Tiddles won’t come crashing to Earth next week when we launch her/him from the top of the climbing frame. In PE the children have started a new unit of Hockey with Mrs. Bayley as well as continuing to practice Yoga in class.


Homework this week

Take it easy this weekend – your brains deserve a rest!
Normal homework schedule will resume next week.