The first week of Autumn 2 and it has been a very busy one for Bee Class.

We have started a new literacy unit based on the text ‘Are Humans Damaging the Atmosphere?’, we have begun to look at how the text is structured, and the specialist knowledge needed to write an information book like this. We have also researched and tried to explain what the Earth’s atmosphere is and how it protects the Earth.

In maths, we have begun working on our first unit on Multiplicative Reasoning. This week we have predominantly been revising the written methods of multiplication (long and short) and how we can make an estimate to check our answers, as well as using short division.

Most of our afternoons this week have been spent consolidating our Science learning on the theme of Sports by preparing for our class assembly on Thursday afternoon. I’m not quite sure how we managed it in 20 minutes but we were able to squeeze in examples of our learning on air resistance; the Magnus effect; friction; gravity; carbohydrates, proteins and fats. As well as the thinking, we had been doing in class on the PHSE side of things; how sports can help us develop our personalities and how they link in with our Chagford school values.

Thank you to all the grown-ups who were able to come along – it really makes a difference for the children to have special guests to perform to.

Parents Meetings are being held next week on Wednesday and Thursday after school until 6pm – please put yourself down on the signing-up sheets at the office or give the office a call.

Literacy Homework
Write the opening to an episode of one of your favourite TV shows. Try to write the opening as a play script. It should be at least a page long.
As usual, you can use Office365 or pen and paper.

This week we are looking at the –ious word ending

Have a good weekend, Mr B