This has been another busy week in the FSU!

We have been practising writing our names using our name cards which seems to be inspiring the children to write other things too! In fact if the children aren’t our in their play area they are at the Mark making table ‘writing’ lists and stories and making books!














Chantel came in to see us on Tuesday and the children did a great job of digging up the weeds ready to plant some lovely flowers and shrubs.








During music this week we got our the handbells and practised playing them fast and slow, loud and quiet; guess which was most popular?!






In PE we practised working as a team in a game of cups and saucers then we got our the balance beam and tested our skills of balance out.







As well as all that we also managed to fit in a bit of play dough cookery…







Some hoola-hooping….














Finding out people’s eye colour in maths…








And dancing along to Baby Shark!!!








Don’t forget it’s the harvest service in the church on Wednesday 3rd at 2pm. The reception class children will be going along and joining in with the year 1 part of the service. If you would like to make a non perishable donation for the food bank please bring it to school on Wednesday morning.

Have a great weekend

Sara and the team