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We started the week with a group discussion about Ourselves; how we have different hair colour and eye colour, how some of us are boys and some are girls, some of us like chocolate some of us don’t!! We then looked at ourselves in the mirror and drew a picture of what we saw; self portraits.







We have been continuing with our phonics and learning new sounds and practicing old ones; all the children are doing so well with learning their sounds and will soon be given a reading book to practice sounding and blending.





On Tuesday ‘Show-and-tell’ or give her her real name, Chantel, came in to see us and talked about the changes in the season and the abundance of acorns around the school. We then went out to collect acorns; some to plant and grow and the rest to feed to Chantel pigs. In the end we collected over 40kg!!







On Wednesday Elva came in to see us and did some food tasting to encourage the children to try new things including avocado and celery and to discuss who liked it didn’t like which foods.







On Friday we had a group discussion about the rules within the classroom. Each of the children shared their ideas about what we do and do not in school and how we can all help to make the classroom a pleasant place to be!





Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Sara and the FSU team