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Welcome back to a new year! The children have settled in very well to the new term and we got stuck straight into our learning!

We had a quick catch up about our holidays and shared stories of our visit from Father Christmas and the gifts he gave; among the favourites were dolls, scooters, bikes and Spider-Man pyjamas! We then drew pictures of our favourite presents and wrote a caption for them.








Quite a lot more of the old school has gone so we thought we’d better go and check on progress and to find out what the huge crane was for!






…We never did find out!

On Thursday the author Claire Barker visited the school and we worked with Year One in their character building workshop; creating good or bad characters.







In maths this week we have been looking at measurement and measuring things using cubes. We then got ourselves into height order when lining up for lunch from the shortest to the tallest!







And to finish the week we had the ever popular Show and Tell!







Have a great weekend

Sara and the FSU team